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The Ones Below
Every parent knows that the months before and after the birth of your first child are exciting and delightful and exhausting and stressful (often all at the same time). And in his debut thriller, The Ones Below, writer/director David Farr takes all of the joys and anxieties of those early days of parenthood and magnifies them.

The Ones Below tells the story of Kate and Justin (Clémence Poésy and Stephen Campbell Moore), [more...]
Alice Through the Looking Glass
It’s been six years since Disney released Tim Burton’s vibrantly outlandish Alice in Wonderland—but the film’s box office success made it likely that a sequel would be forthcoming. So now the cast of quirky characters returns for a wild race through time in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Alice Through the Looking Glass finds Mia Wasikowska’s [more...]
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