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The Originals: The Complete Second Season
Family history can be a wellspring of drama, but throw in an extra thousand years, black magic, werewolves, and the responsibility for creating and becoming the world’s first vampires, and you’ve got a TV show. Having left the sprawling storylines of The Vampire Diaries and Mystic Falls for New Orleans, The Originals focuses on the centuries-long struggles [more...]
Kiss of the Silver Wolf - Sharon Buchbinder
Pages: 124
Goes Well With: Apple pies, apple cakes, candied apples, and a glass of wine, of course

When it’s a choice between “death by tedium” and chasing down genies before they can be used as weapons of mass destruction, it’s obvious which path Eliana will take. So now she works for Homeland Security, heading a band of newbie soldiers on a dangerous expedition through the Appalachians.

Meanwhile, [more...]
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