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Mom and Dad
Being a parent is often a wild and crazy adventureóone that, depending on the day, can feel a bit like a horror movie. So the pitch black comic thriller Mom and Dad builds on that idea while reversing the usual roles in some violent and completely over-the-top ways.

Mom and Dad finds life in the suburbs shaken up when some unknown cause reverses parentsí instincts as caretakers, causing them to turn on their children [more...]
The Leisure Seeker
When everyday life gets a little too stressful, many of us start to dream about packing our bags and disappearing for a while. In The Leisure Seeker, a couple does just thatóbut it isnít the kind of fun-filled adventure that most of us dream of having.

The Leisure Seeker begins as John and Ella Spencer (Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren) run away from their home in Massachusetts. Instead of going in for another round [more...]
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