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Sweet Lake - Christine Nolfi
Without a little bit of tension and conflict, even contemporary romances can fall flat. But in Sweet Lake, the first book in a new series by author Christine Nolfi, a hardworking businesswoman may face a little more than her share of conflict and family drama.

The story introduces Linnie Wayfair, the manager of the historic Wayfair Inn in Sweet Lake, Ohio. Seven years ago, Linnie’s older brother, Freddie, left for California [more...]
The quest for the perfect source of clean, safe energy has been a key topic of conversations and political campaigns for decades. But the sci-fi thriller Atomica takes this timely topic and turns it into the backdrop for an eerie but flawed futuristic adventure.

Atomica journeys into the not-too-distant future with Abby (Sarah Habel), a young facilities engineer for a ground-breaking energy company that’s found a way to [more...]
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