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Mississippi Grind
Gambling movies tend to be wild and crazy and over the top, complete with glamorous parties, gorgeous women, and enormous payouts. And they almost always take place in Las Vegas. But you won’t find the same hard-partying, devil-may-care attitude—or the same splashy setting—in Mississippi Grind.

Mississippi Grind heads out on a gambling adventure with down-and-out real estate agent Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) and his new [more...]
These days, wars are neither clear-cut nor straightforward. They’re dark and shadowy and painted in varying shades of grey. That’s just as true for wars fought on our own soil as it is for wars fought overseas. And in Sicario, a young woman is recruited to fight a war that she doesn’t fully understand.

Sicario stars Emily Blunt as Kate, an FBI agent who finds herself in the middle of the war on drugs after a raid [more...]
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