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13 Dates - Matt Dunn
Falling in love can be a complicated thing. It’s usually a mess of emotions and baggage, embarrassment and insecurity. So in 13 Dates by author Matt Dunn, one man devises a plan to convince the woman of his dreams that they belong together.

The story begins about as awkwardly as a romance could. Noah Wilson is on his way to a blind date when he runs into Starbucks to use the bathroom. Feeling guilty about not buying [more...]
Dave Made a Maze
Back in the good old days, when we were kids, we could spend long rainy days building forts out of couch cushions or cardboard boxes, creating our own worlds. And in the quirky indie adventure Dave Made a Maze, a grown man creates a cardboard maze and gets trapped in his own imaginary world.

Dave Made a Maze goes on a wildly eccentric adventure through a living room fort that’s much bigger—and more dangerous—than it [more...]
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