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The Child - Fiona Barton
Every day, news outlets run all kinds of snippets of news stories—stories that many of us never even notice. But in The Child by author Fiona Barton, a reporter picks up a story that leads to decades of pain, secrets, and cover-ups.

The story begins when the body of an infant is found buried beneath a work site in London. Desperate to stay on top off her struggling profession, Post reporter Kate picks up the story, [more...]
From Cheech and Chong to Harold and Kumar, stoner buddies have made for some wildly successful comedies. And in Ripped, a new pair of stoner buddies smoke their way into the future and attempt to adjust to a new time and a new way of living.

Ripped tells the story of a pair of teenage stoners who, after smoking a whole lot of super-secret CIA-grown pot in 1986, apparently pass out for 30 years. When they wake up, [more...]
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