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Lie with Me - Sabine Durrant
Each day, we all tell little white liesólies to impress, to get us out of evening plans, to get our kids to behave. They seem harmless enough. But in Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant, one manís seemingly harmless lies grow into a web of suspicion.

The story follows the series of lies that gets struggling author Paul Morris deeper and deeper into trouble. It begins when he runs into an old classmate, and he tells a few lies to [more...]
Looking Glass
When tragedy strikes, different people handle the situation in different ways, turning to family or friends or work to get through the pain. The thriller Looking Glass shows one terrible way to overcome tragedy: by buying a creepy motel in the middle of nowhere.

Looking Glass moves into a small-town desert motel with Ray and Maggie (Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney), a married couple trying to escape the pain in their past [more...]
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