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Shifting Gears
Sometimes, we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we start taking things for granted. That’s why a little change can be good. But in the family comedy Shifting Gears, one family makes a series of big changes, and they’re forced to face new challenges as a family.

Shifting Gears follows a family as they work to start a new life together. When Tom Williamson (R. Keith Harris) inherits a [more...]
While there are some things that belong just to the rich, love is not one of them. Romance has no salary requirements. But in the French comedy Madame, when a maid falls in love, her jealous employer sets out to bring an end to it.

Madame stars Toni Collette as Anne Fredericks, a wealthy American who lives on a grand estate in Paris with her husband, Bob (Harvey Keitel), and their young children. As Anne is preparing [more...]
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