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Landline - Rainbow Rowell
Nostalgia is a curious thing. Each of us has memories littered with objects that especially resonate, for one reason or another, when we stumble across them again. For example, when I was a teenager, my parents had an old, heavy, yellow rotary dial phone. The heavy yellow receiver was connected to the phone with a coiled yellow cord. I have memories of sitting on the floor in the dark, that old yellow phone cradled in my lap, sharing hours-long [more...]
Silent Murders (Roaring Twenties, Book 2) - Mary Miley
In her debut novel, The Impersonator, author and historian Mary Miley mixed mystery with history for an enchanting Roaring Twenties whodunit. Now, with the follow-up, Silent Murders, she sends her intrepid heroine off to Hollywood to give readers an inside look at the silent film era.

The story picks up shortly after former vaudeville star Leah [more...]
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